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How to Tackle Acne with Pill Treatments

 People usually approach acne with superficial treatments, however, oftentimes it is not enough. Find out what pills can help tackle the problem from the inside

The Notion of Acne and Its Danger

Acne disease (acne vulgaris, acne) – this is what they usually call this disease in everyday life. It is one of the most common skin diseases that occurs in 80% of people aged 13 to 30 years. Currently, the population affected is getting younger, and it occurs even in children as young as 9 years old.

There is an opinion that acne that appears in adolescence will disappear on its own as the person grown older. This may well be the case for some pimples which occur due to adolescent hormonal shifts or occasional bacteria slipping under the skin on your face. However, this opinion may be dangerous, as it may cause you to overlook more serious underlying reasons, and cause the acne not only to exacerbate, but to also last throughout years without a cure. The probability of spontaneous disappearance of blackheads or big, inflamed pimples is extremely low, so you should not hope for it. The disease must be treated, and treated comprehensively.

How Does Acne Invade Your Skin?

Currently, the mechanism of acne development has been sufficiently studied, and much clinical experience of treatment has been accumulated. There are many methods of treatment, but you need to understand that the approach should always be very individual. What is suitable for treatment to your friends and neighbors may not always help you.

Adults face the problem of acne every day. Various skin problems characteristic of this disease periodically appear in 40% of men and 54% of women over 25 years of age. How and why does it occur?

Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Currently, there are a number of factors that cause the appearance of acne, among which we can name a few main ones:

The hormonal problem is the most common cause. In this case, acne is a result of excessive testosterone or a disbalance between male and female hormones in the body. The appearance of these pimples and blackheads usually cannot be affected or mitigated by external treatments, as the cause lies inside your body.

The overproduction of sebum is a disfunction of sebaceous glands which are located on your skin. This can occur in people with oily skin, where the production of sebum is too much and goes way beyond the need of the skin to be moisturized and protected from external influences.

Microbial inflammation is cause as a result of poor hygiene. However, there are some forms of acne, like demodicosis, which are caused by an infestation of mites in the upper skin layers. These are treated mostly externally.

Three degrees of acne severity are distinguished:


Only a doctor can really understand the underlying reasons of acne and determine which ways to treat it would best suit you. It is a medical problem and it should be addressed as any other serious medical issue you may have.

What Are the Ways to Battle It?

There is almost always hope for people with acne. If acne is not approached seriously, it will progress, which will subsequently lead to the formation of scars and pigmentation, which are difficult to impossible to treat. But if it is, it can be treated successfully.

Depending on the severity of acne, treatment is selected from the options available nowadays.

With mild severity, external therapy can be used either separately or in combination with pills. The use of local ointments and very good skin hygiene with special products allows you to control acne over time. The effect of their use usually does not occur immediately, visible improvements can be expected in 2-4 weeks. Therefore, it does require patience on your end. The correct selection of medical cosmetics (cosmeceuticals) in the treatment of acne is very important and can be done by a dermatologist.

For moderate severity of acne, in addition to external therapy, oral drugs are almost always necessary. For the treatment of severe acne, there is currently an excellent effective remedy: a retinoic acid derivative, isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Accutane and its analogues). The drug is prescribed exclusively by a dermatologist, in an individual dosage. Currently, there are techniques for the use of small doses of Roaccutane, with the use of external cosmetic treatments, which give excellent results. However, due to possible severe side effects, this drug needs to be taken only under medical supervision and if absolutely necessary.

In any case, you should never despair, because everything is in our hands. Treatment should be prescribed as soon as possible.


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