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On behalf of the Board of Directors and Officers of the North Carolina Association for Hospital Central Service Professionals, welcome!  We are here to provide an educational opportunity to the professionals of central service profession.  Each year we offer three quarterly meetings, held in Winston-Salem NC, at The Hawthorne Inn and our annual meeting, held in Myrtle Beach, in April.  We would like to offer an invitation to you to join us at each of our educational sessions. All information can be found on our web page under the educational offerings tab.  We strive to provide topics which are important for the advancement of our profession. These secessions are geared to help the attendees to provide high quality service and provide high quality care for the patients being served in their area of care

In addition to our scheduled meetings we also provide a quarterly newsletter “I Heard It Thru the Steam Line” which includes an in-service, which is approved  through the CBSPD board for 1 CEU per in-service.  Follow the In-Service Offerings tab to view a complete list of in-services that are currently available.  These CEU’s is a member benefit; as soon as you become a member you will have access to each of the in-services. This is a very economical way to maintain certification.

We also have a column in the newsletter, called “Dear Steamy” where you can ask questions, solicit information, and provide feedback.  This is a good opportunity to ask questions of your fellow peers please, submit your questions to the editorial committee.  We’re hoping this column will grow and become a service to all who need a little more information on a variety of subjects, dealing with our profession.

We want more Sterile Processing and Central Professionals to become involved in this organization to help grow our profession as well as the organization!   We have two areas where there is an opportunity for input.  The first is submitting your nominations for our awards.  We have a number of awards that not only offer recognition, but also offer member benefits for meeting registration and lodging when applicable.  Take a moment to view the Membership Awards tab to become familiar with the available awards and submit hard working and ambitious candidate’s for the opportunity to win one of the many awards.  The other opportunity is to serve on committees, as well as becoming a board member.  This is a great opportunity to become involved in the leadership and direction of the organization.  Please review our many opportunities to become a part of our organization and see what we are about, please go to our web page at

NCAHCSP-President 2013

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As of November 7, 2013, 200 hardworking, dedicated professionals in NCAHCSP!

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